WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE which contains photographs and some of my ideas on photography. Initially it contained references to photo libraries and agencies. However the stock library business is in a very fluid state since the advent of digital delivery. Unfortunately the internet encourages a 'free for all' mentality which seriously devalues good stock photography. Too many people in the world have come to believe that all photography on the internet should be freely available without charge. As a result, many good photographers have abandoned stock photography as a major source of income. Sadly, even the British Government is proposing changes to the law which would make it easier for 'orphan' works, (that is those images which have been illegally or accidentally stripped of embedded ownership information) to be used without risk of infringing copyright! Global opposition might see this proposed law changed. But it is a sign of the times where artistic creativity is being massively devalued.

My writing and photography has been published worldwide in books, calendars, greetings cards and national newspapers, trade and consumer publications. Features have included business and trade profiles, photography, travel and crafts.

In 2011 I retired from full-time freelancing. However it is difficult to quell the urge to be creative. So, health permitting, I shall continue to undertake a few personal projects and continue the mastery of new digital techniques. I enjoy membership of the Leica Fellowship, the LUF and the RPS Digital Imaging group. I also enjoy helping others and I welcome questions and comments through my website. I always respond if information is requested, initially by email.

Please note that all photographs and text displayed here are COPYRIGHT and require permission before publication. They are NOT ROYALTY FREE.

Thank you for your interest in my work.

David Askham
(Updated November 2014)


How Useful is the OVF on the Leica X1?
26th May 2015
Questions often arise from new owners of the popular X1 camera regarding the need for an external viewfinder. There is no provision for coupling an Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) such as those designed for later X cameras, so the only option is to consider an optical viewfinder (OVF) which I consider in my Gallery notes on the LEICA X1.
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