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In the past sixty plus years I have used several types of camera produced by different manufacturers. My first was a second-hand Agfa VP Speedex folding roll-film camera with a Solinar lens. A few years later I bought my first serious camera - a new twin-lens reflex MPP Microcord II; this was followed by a Hasselblad system and 35mm Pentax. However it is the Leica brand which has held a special place in this lineage ever since I bought my M3 new in 1966. Indeed, it is now my brand of choice for practically all of my photography.

I rarely use my film Leicas now, despite good intentions. Having studied and practised digital post-processing, my results already surpass anything I was able to achieve with film. I may reduce my holdings of film cameras. Lenses are a different matter. Technology and improved manufacture have led to the production of quite remarkable lenses for digital Leicas. At the same time, I retain and use nearly fifty-year old lenses made when I bought my Leica M3 in 1966. I wonder how many consumer items from the 1960s can claim that distinction today? Unsurprisingly, modern Leica lenses clearly out-perform their elderly ancestors and increase user satisfaction! However older lenses of Mandler design have a rendering charm which still entrances some current photographers. Being rather less clinically sharp, they are popular and quite flattering for dreamy landscapes and portraiture.

The Digilux 2 was my first Leica digital camera and continues in use, even today, despite its obsolescence. In fact the D2, as aficionados like to call it, has achieved cult status by virtue of its fine ergonomics and outstanding Vario-Summicron lens. (See my Evita" portfolio for extreme examples from this camera. I have started a portfolio devoted entirely to this venerable camera.

I can reflect on over five years of ownership of the precision compact digital Leica X1 camera. I have been greatly impressed with its design, manufacture and image quality. The optical viewfinder and hand-grip make a significant difference to my handling of this small camera. I now have a portfolio dedicated to this camera.

Some people ask why I have not upgraded the X1 to later cameras in the series. Quite simply, if a camera continues to perform in the way it first appealed to me, and remains operationally sound and reliable, I rarely change for the sake of having the latest equipment, tempting though that is. I also take account of my current resources and the X1 is a companion to my digital range-finders. However I have added the X Vario which gives me increases flexibility and performance.

(New section on M8, M9 and X Vario, being drafted)

My Leica portfolio shows pictures representative of the thousands from my collection, both old and current. I will change and add to them from time to time.

Please note that all pictures shown are my Copyright and cannot be used without my prior agreement. On the site, thumbnails are shown in convenient square format. However, when you click on them, they expand into the correct shapes for viewing. Try it!
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